Sales Team Updates

After 40 years in the forest and wood products sector, Reimer Hardwoods Vice President Operations, Greg Antle has decided to move on to the next chapter of his life at the end of this year. During his successful eight-year tenure here, much was accomplished. Greg concentrated his talents primarily on focusing and sharpening our supply line relationships, strengthening customer connections and educating and energizing our sales teams throughout the province. He now plans to pursue small projects, continue his education and spend more time with his family. He will also continue to entertain the community performing in orchestras and with small groups as an accomplished cellist. All of us here at Reimer Hardwoods wish him the best in all of his future endeavors.

We will be making the following changes to accommodate this transition:

  • Jarrod Unrau has been promoted to the Position of Purchasing Manager. He will be responsible for all purchasing, including the lumber items formerly purchased by Colin.
  • Colin Reimer will assume the duties of sales manager and will participate actively in the training, support, encouragement and accountability of our sales teams throughout BC. Colin will now have more time to travel to the branches and to visit key customers and suppliers.
  • Jason (Jay) Perry will move up to the sales desk and will be the primary point of sale individual along with Ron and Jarrod dealing with customers at the sales desk and on the phone. These activities will be supported by me as needed.
  • It is our goal that all of our inside sales and office staff will cross train and support each other in a collaborative office environment.

Colin Reimer, President and CEO.

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