Sales Awards

It is my pleasure to announce the first winners of Reimer Hardwoods new annual sales awards. These awards will be given annually to the sales professional achieving the highest sales dollar volume on an annual basis and to the first runner up. This years recipients are: Rob Guenther Gold winner Mike Burgart Silver winner Please … Continued

“Reimer TreeLine” Group of Sustainable Wood Products Launch

Reimer Hardwoods is pleased to announce the launch of its “Reimer TreeLine” Group of Sustainably Produced Wood Products. When you specify Reimer TreeLine Group of Products you are guarranteed that these products originate from sustainably managed forests – forests that are managed with an eye for the future. Our Reimer TreeLine products are third party … Continued

Reimer Hardwoods Joins the Western Hardwood Association

Colin Reimer, president and CEO of Reimer Hardwoods Ltd. is pleased to announce that Reimer Hardwoods has joined the Western Hardwood Association. The WHA was founded in 1955 to assist Western US Hardwoods to a position of prominence in the manufacturing of fine furniture, cabinets and pallets. Reimer Hardwoods is committed to support organizations that … Continued

Doug Ross Joins Reimer Hardwoods

Greg Antle, Sales Manager of Reimer Hardwoods Ltd, is pleased to announce that Doug Ross will be joining the Reimer Hardwoods sales team as an outside sales representative at our flagship lower mainland head office location. Doug has 20 years experience as a sales representative in our industry; he will be a significant asset to our business and a … Continued

Greg Antle Joins Reimer Hardwoods

Colin Reimer, president and CEO of Reimer Hardwoods Ltd is pleased to announce that Reimer Hardwoods Ltd has purchased the lumber distribution assets of GMA Cascade Industrial Ltd. and that Mr. Greg Antle, principal and founder of GMA Cascade Industrial will be joining Reimer Hardwoods as the sales manager of our flagship lower mainland head … Continued

BC Rejects the HST! What does it all Mean?

In a landmark referendum BC residents voted to scrap the BC-HST introduced in 2010. In her response to the media, Premier Christy Clark announced that the wishes of the voters will be respected and that she has given instructions to her finance minister, Kevin Falcon to reinstate the old PST with all of its exemptions no later than March … Continued

Tackle Climate Change – Use More Wood

Using more wood, not less wood, will help tackle global climate change. Wood is one of the only truly sustainable, natural, organic, biodegradable, as well as recycleable products available on the planet. Wood is the only carbon negative building product on the planet. Call your local Reimer Hardwoods location to hear about the many green products that … Continued

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